Restoring our planet, together.

You can slow climate change and help offset your everyday carbon emissions by automatically contributing to U.N. certified projects.

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You can make an impact.

Measure your emissions

With one tap, we automatically calculate the atmospheric carbon emitted by your everyday activities and offer you the ability to offset those emissions.

Contribute to a project

You're in control of what kinds of projects you'd like to contribute to. Current offerings include renewable energy development, landfill methane capture, and industrial pollutant removal.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon emitting activities aren't always avoidable. We help you reduce your daily footprint with suggestions, alternatives, and products, and make it easy to offset the things you can't avoid.

Restorist is bringing easy, reliable carbon offsetting to everyone.

At Restorist, we believe that the only way to truly reverse the effects of greenhouse gas emissions is through taking active, continued steps towards emission reduction.

  • Offsetting shouldn’t be hard

    Restorist is working to make buying a carbon offset as easy as any other digital experience -- instead of the fractured, confusing task it is today. By removing all of the friction, we can help everyone take simple steps to mitigate their environmental impact.

  • Projects that actually make a difference

    We know that many offset projects are not what they seem. That’s why Restorist is committed from day one to offer only the highest-quality, highest-impact carbon reduction, as determined by international climate leaders like The Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

  • The first step on our way to a long future

    Restorist is part of a community which understands that climate change is the defining issue of our time. As technology continues to develop in new frontiers like carbon sequestration, we’ll be at the forefront, ensuring that regular people can be a part of the solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is one way to make up for the carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions you create through everyday actions such as taking a flight, getting something delivered, or driving across town. Offsets are essentially investments in clean energy, reforestation, and future technology projects. These projects, hand-selected by the Restorist team in conjunction with top nonprofits, can remove some or all the emission you've created over a long period of time.

Do carbon offsets really work?

Carbon offsets are not a full solution to our climate crisis, but they can help — especially for unavoidable activities like visiting family for the holidays. At Restorist, we know offsets are only part of the solution, and we are actively investing in the future of climate restoration technology. As technology improves, we believe we can partner with the best organizations to offer new options to customers like yourself.

What are the biggest causes of carbon emissions?

When you take a flight, get something delivered, or drive across town, you emit carbon dioxide (CO₂). While you can't visibly see it, your emissions are tangible, and have a greater impact than you might think. In total, transportation, heating, and electricity are the largest cause of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. These trap the sun's heat from escaping, causing climate catastrophes such as droughts, hurricanes, and the melting of our polar ice caps.

What kind of projects can I contribute to?

We work with top nonprofits in the climate and clean energy space to provide a variety of verified offset options across multiple categories, and ensure their quality by only working with those who meet stringent, high standards such as The Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. These projects may change over time, but their intent is always the same: pull CO₂ out of the air and help prevent more from being added.

How much does it cost to be carbon neutral?

Less than you think! At Restorist, we believe it should be easy, fast, and affordable to offset your emissions. Flight offsets start at just $8, and rideshare or package delivery offsets cost even less. It's the perfect time to start living a carbon neutral life, and we're here to help.

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